Make-up Classes

AglowbyJoan Makeup and Skincare lessons
Refresher session $100
The Beginner $180
Intermediate $200
To keep the focus entirely on you and your needs, these sessions are private and closed. Guests are not permitted

Refresher Session – 1 hour in Studio only $180

This is for the individuals that already use makeup and want a slight refresh to see if products and techniques are up to date.  Bring all your products Skincare and makeup

The Beginner – 1.5 hours $225 In studio (outside studio will be charged a travel fee TBD)

 The Beginner is for someone who is new to makeup who wants to create a simple everyday skincare and makeup routine. 

  • Skin-type will be determined. Your skincare routine is the most important step to your makeup application. 
  • Customized listing of what you will need to buy and what makeup products will suit you the best. 
  • Understanding the use of makeup tools. 
  • All makeup tools and products will be provided during the class. 
  • Fast easy 15 min everyday makeup look 
  • The importance of masking 

Intermediate – 2 hours $350 in studio (outside studio will be charged a travel fee TBD)

 The intermediate class is for someone who knows the basics of what they like to wear and use but would like to upgrade to a new look or more advanced look. 

  • Skin-type will be determined. Your skincare routine is the most important step to a flawless makeup application. 
  • Customized listing of what products you will need. 
  • How to choose the correct colours for contour and highlight . 
  • How to correctly contour and highlight your face.
  • Brow shaping and brow mapping to obtain the perfect brow for you. 
  • Easy evening makeup look

The Pro Training – (8 Classes one on one Pro training with Joan) - $2300

This is for someone who would like to pursue a career in the makeup industry. Joan will be teaching you her signature looks for clients. 

  • How to deal with different skin types when it comes to makeup
  • How to match foundation shades and choose colors according to the clients skin tone.
  • How to prime the skin with different products. 
  • Proper eyelash app for strips and individuals. 
  • Different methods to contour and highlight.
  • Live demos working on different skin tones
  • Take home work to practice. 

The Airbrush class - $850 (2 classes)

This is for the artist that already knows how to do makeup and would like to advance and learn airbrush. 

  • What airbrush methods to use on what skin type. 
  • The importance of setting airbrush makeup 
  • How to contour and highlight with airbrush makeup
  • How to make airbrush long lasting without creasing and caking
  • Airbrush on older skins

A LA CARTE - $200 per hour

For whatever you want to learn you can hire Joan per hour.