The BBGLOW is the latest trend in Skincare technology originating for Korea. The BBGLOW treatment is a customized procedure based on skincare needs to enhance all skin types. The methods used in this treatment helps the over all health of your skin with lasting results. It helps production of Collagen, elastin and balancing the PH of your skin. It is a safe treatment the requires little to no downtime.

BBglow helps with the reduction of Acne marks and scarring, Sun/Age spots, uneven skin tone, brightening, firming and lifting, fine lines and wrinkles, under eye dark circles and HYDRATION.

Results - Clients receive the best results after 2-5 sessions (depending on skin condition) Skin is smoother, more flawless and has a bbglow effect. It almost looks like you are wearing a light bbglow cream. Results last 4-6 months depending on care after 3-.5 treatments

Does it hurt? - NO! don’t worry, most clients fall asleep, its very relaxing.

Downtime - Some will notice slight redness for about 12-24 hours, you will look flushed and not completely red. You might have slight peeling around the nose and mouth if you have a lot of dead skin.

Aftercare - No sun exposure for two weeks, no use of AHA/BHA and other exfoliants for two weeks.

Who can do it - This treatment is good for everyone. Sorry not if you are pregnant. If you are breastfeeding this is safe.


  • 1 session $250 1.5-2 hours each session
  • 3 sessions $650 ( savings $100)
  • 6 sessions $1200 (savings $300)

Note: Each session must be at least 2-3 weeks apart.

Pore Detox whiting, lifting and unclogging treatment

This treatment is skin detox that shrinks pores and sucks out toxins from the skin. The strong absorption power not only eliminates black heads but also forms a solid water barrier in the skin to prevent moisture loss. This is great for clients that have large congested pores and textured skin.

  • Add it on to your bbglow treatment for $95
  • or do it individually for $150.
  • 2-3 treatments are needed depending on the condition of your skin.